My name is Kevin Francis. I'm an illustrator, designer, and painter. I also have plenty other hobbies such as phototography, digital graphics, and basketball. Being born and raised in New York City exposed me to a lot of things good and bad. I've learned to take that and make it into art. I always dreamed of becoming an artist ever since I was 5 years old watching my elder cousin sketch characters from a popular anime called Dragon Ball Z. Throughout my childhood, my cousin always gave me advice and taught me techniques on how to become a better artist. Entering high school, I attended Bayside High School in Queens to study Fine Arts. I then went on to Laguardia Community College and graduated with an associates degree in studio art. Currently, I attend Queens College with a major study in Design. What I love most about the art world is the wise teachers I have encountered that taught me and pushed me to limits that I could'nt even imagine. As an artist, I don't expect to be the best or to make a whole lot of money off of it. Instead, I would like to just inspire those who see my art and change the way people see art.